Man Vs. Machine (Research)

Here are a couple of articles I found interesting.

Daniel Wilson wrote a book called How to Survive a Robot Uprising. Its kind of tongue in cheek but I think his theories are partly true. This is what he says about the subject:

“The purpose of this book,” Daniel Wilson writes in the introduction, “is to prepare you for the future robot uprising.” And he’s only half joking. Wilson, who has a PhD in robotics from Carnegie Mellon University, tapped top scientists to complete his exhaustive list of realistic tips for surviving a “kill all humans” android insurrection. The result is equal parts sci-fi send-up and technical primer, blended with enough skill to land the 28-year-old two more book deals and a movie option from Paramount. Bookstores make the mistake of filing this under humor, but as Wilson says, “lots of government agencies hire researchers to build real killer robots.” So be prepared, just in case.
Another article:

Could robots, capable of thinking for themselves, be the wave of the future? Scientists believe so and predict that in the next five years robots will be able to work in care homes, monitor prisons, and help police trace criminals. But some researchers, including Alan Winfield, professor of electronic engineering at the University of the West of England in Bristol, are urging caution as this technology develops: “The danger is that we will sleepwalk into a situation where we accept a large number of autonomous robots in our lives without being sure of the consequences. The outcome could be that when given a choice the robot could make the wrong decision and someone gets hurt. They can go wrong just like a motor car can. We should be aware of the future that we are letting ourselves in for. We need to look at their safety and reliability.”








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