portfolio…just thinkin’

Ok, so I’ve finally started working on some projects that I’d like to incorporate into portfolio (better late than never). But I was thinking “How can I “package” my entire portfolio?”…Do I want to present my pieces in a hard bound book, in a box, in a can, through a motion piece? I have no clue. As I was out walking and shopping for inspiration I ended up at a thrift shop in the west village and found some cool 8track cartridges and Texas Monthly zines. ummm…yea. Soooo, I purchased “The Sound of Music” 8track tape,(even though I dont currently own an 8track player! but will soon) and a lovely Country compilation one which I bought mainly because June Carter was on the bill-shes my hero:) Anyway, as I am being rung up at the register I turn to my left and there is this little boy playing with a View Master…suddenly I was taken back to 1986, I’m 5 yrs old and I’m viewing “My Little Pony” slides through my View Master! O how I loved those G1 ponys! Anyway, So I got to thinking, wouldnt it be kinda rad to package my portfolio on View Master slides? Make it nostalgic and obviously interactive for the viewer? I dont know maybe Im getting a little ahead of myself, maybe someone out there has already thought this up, whatever. but Ive began researching the process of actually producing a “personalized” View Master, its a lot involved but hopefully I’ll be able to pull it off. We’ll see…



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