EDITORIAL…Progress on 12pg feature

A feature on the Denton, Texas band Midlake.
This is part of a magazine I’m working on for Austopchuck’s editorial class.
The magazine is called “jumbo.” Being a Texan myself I thought it’d be quite nice to do a mag of the lone star state, Hey, maybe I’ll learn something about the place where I grew up. So ummm yea…

This bands music has an old-folk americana feel to it with a lot of eerie, 70’s vocal melodies. Denton is a ghost town and a deeply religious, scary town so I wanted to give the feature that eerie aged, “biblical” aesthetic. I took AvantGarde and bastardized it(Someone told me it kind of reminded them of their parents horrific wood paneling in the late 70s/80s–mission accomplished I guess) Still fixin’ a few things though. But check out Midlake if you havent already.

Ill post the rest later.




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