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April 20, 2008

Through the eyes of Mel…without her peepers. She is nearly blind but needed this typeface to be somewhat legible for people to actually make out each letter form. hehe…She sees shapes rather than detail.


eh…lost formats.

April 15, 2008

There’s also a cassette in the works yo! peace.

self promo poster. need to finish it

April 14, 2008


April 8, 2008


April 8, 2008

Its 1984 and I see shapes!


Nullsleep. feature in progress…

April 7, 2008

He is an 8bit music genius.

Limahl Album Cover Redesign

April 6, 2008

Still working on this album cover…

When I listen to LIMAHL’s music, I see a bright, 80’s, pink color.
the word “LIMAHL” is the pink and black circles/triangles. I hope its readable.

Magazine Cover

April 4, 2008

after many covers…I think this one will do.

“jumbo”  a publication on Texas Contemporary Culture. Will focus mainly on music, art, and Texas barbque! YeeHAW


EDITORIAL…Progress on 12pg feature

April 3, 2008

A feature on the Denton, Texas band Midlake.
This is part of a magazine I’m working on for Austopchuck’s editorial class.
The magazine is called “jumbo.” Being a Texan myself I thought it’d be quite nice to do a mag of the lone star state, Hey, maybe I’ll learn something about the place where I grew up. So ummm yea…

This bands music has an old-folk americana feel to it with a lot of eerie, 70’s vocal melodies. Denton is a ghost town and a deeply religious, scary town so I wanted to give the feature that eerie aged, “biblical” aesthetic. I took AvantGarde and bastardized it(Someone told me it kind of reminded them of their parents horrific wood paneling in the late 70s/80s–mission accomplished I guess) Still fixin’ a few things though. But check out Midlake if you havent already.

Ill post the rest later.



Limahl’s hair is not “Too Shy”

April 1, 2008

Working on a redesign of Limahl’s (former frontman of Kajagoogoo-just in case) delicious album, “Don’t Suppose.”
I think it was released in 1984 or ’85. Yea, it has that really good tune called “The NeverEnding Story.” I’ll be posting images of my progress soon.

Package Formats will be cd, 45,33 LP, cassette

These are the original covers: